Thinking about selling your house? In the modern day of the internet and smart phones buying and selling required the resources to network online and the capability to get in touch with the buyer.

89% of home buyers use the internet to search for a new home

60% are using their mobile phones for that search of a new home.

Among buyers who used the Internet to search for homes, 43 % found the home purchased through the Internet.

93% of buyers consider AGENT RESPONSE TIME very important.

84% of internet buyers consider photos very useful.

5 minutes or less is the time required when a buyer inquires about a listing online.

8 seconds.  That’s all it takes for most buyers to form a first opinion of your house.

You need to make every second count.  WE want to impress and motivate a buyer to swiftly make an offer for your house.  Everyday living hides the great qualities of your house.

Home Staging can help highlight your home’s best features, making it appeal to buyers’ senses and emotions.  I have worked in the past to make exterior and interior design awe the public.  With suggestions and home-improvement ideas which can maximize your home’s attractiveness and create a captivating first impression. –

But let’s not stop their – Remember the traditional “five senses” that humans have. (sighthearing, touch, smell, and taste)

Try to look at your house from a buyer’s prospective…….

“eyes” What will they see?

“hear” What will they hear?

“smell” What will they smell?

“touch” What will they feel?

………as though you have never been in your house before!

Remember one of the first things that will happen is photo’s and video’s of your house will be taken so that we can get in touch with the buyer on the internet. So sooner you get started faster a buyer can be found. I can provide you with a list that will address this issue. Call me today!!!